Have you heard about TEP Wireless? It’s the “the smartest way to travel” so you should know about them! TEP Wireless sells portable WiFi devices that allow you to connect up to 5 devices at anytime. When I say portable, I mean it fits in the palm of your hand or your pocket and is super lightweight! The device doesn’t take long to charge and will last up to 8 hours (while in use, otherwise longer). It offers a high speed and secure connection including a unique WiFi network and password for log in.  Set up time took me one minute since it comes with an easy and colorful guide that walks you through, well, basically how to push “on”. I was impressed with how EASY it is to use – I thought I’d be reading a long manual!

I’ve been international for 6 months now and I’ve been trying to sort out the best possible way for me to have internet access while abroad, taking into account convenience, reliability, and affordability. Turns out TEP is a great option on all three fronts:

  • Convenient – Portable, lightweight, connects fast, password-protected, easy on/off button and straightforward navigation
  • Reliable – Available in most countries (coverage listed on site) – I have personally used it in 3 countries in Europe with no problems
  • Affordable – Compared to other wireless devices, TEP is a good deal. Frequent Travelers can purchase a device for $124.95 and it will come with a 5 day pass, otherwise, you can rent one! You will get unlimited internet access for $9.95/day to connect FIVE (5) devices. 

Brought my TEP with me on a nature hike!TEP is especially perfect for those who travel to remote areas where Starbucks doesn’t exist 🙂 I have taken my TEP device with me on solo nature hikes and it has comforted me knowing that in case I get lost, I have the security knowing I can track my way back! It is also great for those who like sharing the love of the world wide web with friends and family. Given my nomadic lifestyle and always being on the road, I need internet access on my phone AND laptop while traveling. Not only can I stay connected on my phone but I can also have my friends connect and I can simultaneously be blogging away on my laptop while we’re all surfing the web and uploading epic photos on our Instagram feeds.  This technically could also bring the price down if you allow 4 of your friends to log into your code, that would be $2/day unlimited access!

TEP has saved me time from having to get a SIM card in every country or having the stress of finding the nearest WiFi zone. It has made my international trips seamless. I’ve found my TEP wireless device to be particularly perfect for long train journeys, coffee shops without WiFi connections, accommodations with lame connections, and when I’m out in the country side with limited WiFi availability. Recently, I traveled around France and used the device everyday – mainly because I don’t speak French and needed it to survive! I was with three friends and let them hop on it while we were busing around from one village to the next in the French Riviera.

All in all, I highly recommend this device! For more information and reviews on TEP Wireless, visit their FAQ page and website. You can order your own TEP by clicking here.