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FromHereToSunday is a PR friendly travel blog with social media presence on all major platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. I’m open to collaborating with brands and products relevant to my audience of dreamers, explorers and world travelers. I also offer digital marketing services for clients in need of strategic guidance on how to grow an effective online presence. Below you can find services offered and suggestions for potential partnerships. If interested in working together, please request a current media kit via email at

Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Learn how to connect with your target demographic and grow your online presence. Develop and implement integrated social media and digital strategies for your brand through the following offerings.

Social Media Strategy Understanding and reaching your target audience will be key to your brand’s success. I can offer my expertise in effectively leveraging your social media platforms to ultimately lead to increased engagement and website traffic. Building followers builds business.

Influencer Marketing Reach your target audience by building effective relationships with Influencers who already have industry authority and credibility. I can help you orient marketing activities towards key Influencers that will help increase awareness among target markets.

Collaboration Opportunities 

My account works well with companies and brands with an audience or product for people who love travel, adventure, and the nomadic life. I post images and write for a readership of fun loving explorers looking for recommendations on places to stay, things to pack, do, see and eat around the world. There are many ways we can work together, including but not limited to the following opportunities.

Digital Storytelling If you’re looking to share more about the experience your business provides (e.g., products or services), I can tell a story through blogging or vlogging and include social media coverage of the experience.

Content Production If you’re looking for a freelance writer or photographer to produce content, I can write articles related to topics covering travel, food, events, and adventures. Content will WOW your audience!

Product Reviews & Giveaways If your product is a good fit for my audience, I would be happy to test and review it. I aim to provide my readers with an open and honest opinion. I can also host a give-away for your product on my account, including promotion via all social media outlets.

Please note all of my offerings include high quality brand friendly images and will adhere to a timeline mutually set in advance. I’m open to other suggestions regarding a potential partnership. Feel free to contact me via email with specifics or if you have any questions.

Contact Me

For all inquiries, please contact me via e-mail at