I can’t say enough things about my trip through Panama – it is hands down one of my favorite countries I’ve been to. Panama offers a wide variety of adventures that covers mountains, beaches, islands, rain forests, sea-life and big city life. In fact, for those of you who aren’t quite sure what type of vacation goer you are, I would recommend a trip to Panama to pinpoint what kinds of adventures really get you going 🙂 Personally, I enjoyed the fact that I could be on a remote beach one day and then a big city the next. Below is a photo gallery of each area I visited, including tips and activity recommendations. Panama made my “Will Definitely Visit Again” list since I seriously had such a great time!

Bocas Del Toro

Bocas was the first area I checked out in Panama after crossing the border from Costa Rica. Islands upon islands, it was a remarkable area filled with a variety of things to do including beach hopping, surfing, and some crazy nightlife.


A place I will definitely visit again, Boquete, Panama is known for its coffee plantations, rain forests, and mountainous landscape. Seen here are photos from a popular river canyon in Los Cangilones. Hostel Recommendation: Lost and Found, you must hike up to it but the views and hammocks to chill out in are worth it.

Santa Catalina

Santa Catalina, the Galapagos of Panama, are a snorkeling and scuba diver’s dreamworld. Since we went during low season, there wasn’t much sunshine during our day trip through Coiba National Park but we still enjoyed the adventure. We went in June, but during the trip we saw a WHALE. My very first whale I’ve ever seen in person, of course, I didn’t get any photos of it but it was a HIGHLIGHT of my entire Central America trip. Note: I walked around to every diving and snorkeling center in the small town of Santa Catalina; they all offer VERY similar pricing so best to just pick one and go with it.

San Blas Islands

Anyone visiting Panama hears about the San Blas islands almost immediately.  They are VERY well known in Panama as being the most pristine islands. White sand beaches, palm trees galore, and hammocks to relax in, needless to say –  I really enjoyed my stay on San Blas! Most people took the sail trip from Panama to Colombia, but I actually did a round trip two night stay from Panama City, well worth the hike out there!

Panama City

Last but not least, Panama City could be an entire post! From the Panama Canal to Casco Viejo, there is much to explore. Panama City, similar to the rest of the country, offers a ton of variety. From old to new and parks to casinos, you can’t get bored here. For some it feels overly Americanized compared to the rest of the region. Throughout Panama, USD is recognized as currency given America’s heavy involvement with the Canal. I have to say though, you start to see and feel more of this when you are in the city versus other areas of Panama. I finished my Central America trip here and loved every second of it!

Have you ever been to Panama? What are your favorite spots and what would you recommend? Please feel free to share in the comments section.