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Austin’s Coffee Shop Scene

My job hasn’t always been remote. I was in the office everyday till slowly I was told I could work from home a few days a week. Before I knew it I was working remotely full time and my drawers filled with stretchy pajamas while gradually my skirts and suits were on display at Goodwill stores across the nation.

It’s been roughly two years since I’ve been a virtual employee and in this time I have visited many coffee shops. I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but working from home gets old so I like to switch up the scenery. I try my best to go to a different coffee shop every day, however every so often I come across one that I really enjoy and end up frequenting. In today’s post, I am sharing a review of my Top 5 Favorite Austin Coffee Shops.

Before I dive in, you should first know my criteria for narrowing it down to these fine 5: Strong WiFi connection, power outlet availability, customer service, food options, location, atmosphere, outdoor seating, ample seating areas/options, hours, space, coffee quality, the “unique factor” and noise level (which is critical as I take calls throughout the day and can’t be anywhere that is too loud or too quiet where I feel I am disrupting others). As you can see, I analyze a number of factors to determine the best shop. In no particular order:

  1. Vintage Heart Coffee – A quiet, clean, and small shop on the east side. Order a vanilla latte, you will thank me (I love you a latte)! Strong WiFi and although it is small it offers a variety of seating options (e.g., tables, couches, bar stools). There are food trucks right next door that you can go to for lunch. Note: Parking can be hard at times.

    An inside look. TX State Cemetery is directly across the street.
  2. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters – Scenic views of Lake Austin, this was the very first coffee shop I visited in Austin. Large patios outside let you breathe in the fresh air, and the smaller indoor area still offers nice views. There is live music on weekends and special weeknights. A lot of UT students frequent this shop but is quiet. Note: They only serve small bites, but Hula Hut is just down the street – a good lunch or happy hour option.

    Lake views from the upper deck
  3. OPA! Coffee and Wine Bar – Located on South Lamar, I soon discovered why this was strongly recommended to me by locals: cheap happy hours from 3-7PM!  I’ve spent many lovely afternoons here turned to fun happy hours as soon as the clock struck 3 (wine and small bites). Beyond hh, OPA offers a large outdoor patio with a variety of seating options (comfy couches inside if you like lounging). Very friendly staff.

    Fun vibes over happy hours
    Work hard play hard vibes
  4. Cenote – Situated in my favorite neighborhood (east siiiiide), Cenote offers a welcoming atmosphere. Students and freelancers join forces as they scatter the shop inside and out. There’s a juice bar next door and a great food menu with drinks! Note: Only complaint is there’s a poor WiFi connection on the outdoor patio.

    Patio seating.
    Patio seating on E. Cesar Chavez
  5. Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors – Also on the east side, Figure 8 offers a hipster funky fresh vibe that inspires creativity. Street parking, strong WiFi and plant life scattered around the inside. Smaller space but haven’t had issues with it getting too packed. No website yet, but check out their Figure 8 Yelp Reviews.
Chai Latte
Chai Latte

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