ExploringTheBestofBergenNorway_CoverImageI fell in with Bergen

I had a dream about a place like this; who knew it existed in real life! The first day my friend and I arrived in Bergen I fell in love almost immediately. Known for its access to Norway’s breathtaking fjords, Bergen is Norway’s second largest city situated on the North Sea. This town ALSO happens to be the inspiration for the setting of Disney’s movie Frozen. I’m not kidding! Any city that is on water, surrounded by mountains and has a happening vibe has me HOOKED. Naturally, I had to get to know this city inside and out! The more I saw, the more I knew I loved it. Given this, my friend and I made it a point to cover a ton of ground.  Whether you are visiting Bergen for a weekend or have extended travel plans, continue reading below for recommendations from one traveler to another.

things to do

  • Take the Bergen-Mostraumen Fjord Cruise  Bergen is surrounded by gorgeous fjords, mountains and waterfalls. My friend and I went on the Bergen-Mostraumen fjord cruise where we went through the Osterfjord and into the current of Mostraumen. While aboard, we passed many waterfalls and we even got to taste fresh mountain water (from a waterfall)! It was a half day experience and only 550 NOK. If you have the Bergen Card you’ll get a 20% discount. I highly recommend going on one of the nearby fjord tours while in Bergen – you won’t want to miss seeing the surrounding area!
  • Go up Mount Fløyen – The Seven Mountains surround Bergen, so whether you’re into hiking or just want to check out some amazing views, you should definitely go up Mount Fløyen. My friend and I took the tram up and hiked back down to Bergen. The tram is EASILY accessible from town and you can get same day tickets at the Fløibanen train station. Round trip tickets for adults are only 90 NOK or you can take the tram one way for 45 NOK and walk down. At the top, there are amazing views of the entire city of Bergen and mountains surrounding it. I recommend walking down for even more viewpoints!
  • Explore Bryggen – Bryggen is a World Cultural Heritage site located on the eastern side of Bergen’s fjord where the wharf is and all of the older buildings. There are shops, eateries, and hidden alleys to explore! The narrow alleyways behind the wharf and fish market are a site to be seen. It’s a nice area to walk through and feel like you’ve been thrown back in time.
  • Visit the Fisketorget Fish Market – At the fish market (located on the wharf) you will find all sorts of things, but one of the highlights for my friend and I was that we actually taste tested WHALE. I initially asked to sample the salmon, but I ended up getting whale because the vendor wanted to see me try that instead. Caught off guard, I thought, yolo?! It was a bit chewy but not horrible. Of course I immediately felt bad after chomping my way through it!
  • Chill at Lille Lungegårdsvann – Ahhhh, a relaxing lake area in the center of Bergen. You will find benches surrounding it and green patches to hang out on. While visiting, there were several musicians nearby that created a lively vibe. It’s truly gorgeous on a clear day – I recommend at least a stroll through here!


One of the reasons we were able to enjoy Bergen so much was because we had the pleasure of staying at an amazing hotel called The Scandic Ørnen. This hotel is centrally located, a short walking distance to Lille Lungegårdsvann and all the action. It is also directly across the street from the main airport shuttle stop making it easily accessible. I had never stayed at a Scandic hotel before, we found out that they actually invented the concept of “hang up your towel” to be more eco-friendly, which was a total plus in our book! Beyond the location and being sustainable, they offer a delicious breakfast buffet, a fast wifi connection, clean and spacious rooms, and a gorgeous lobby and patio area overlooking Bergen. Unsurprisingly, Scandic Hotels are very popular throughout Europe. We are so happy we had the opportunity to stay here in Bergen as it truly made our experience fabulous! I highly recommend staying at the Scandic Ørnen hotel when in Bergen.

Have you ever been to Bergen, Norway? What do you recommend for other travelers?