One of the reasons I wanted to live in Austin was for its insane music scene. I was so excited to be in the city last year (March 2015) so I could attend the famous South by Southwest (SXSW) festival. Locals refer to it as “south by” and it’s a shit-show that takes OVER the city of ATX with nearly every artist ranging from already famous to just about to hit the scene hard. Shows can be found on almost every square inch of the city at every venue and non venue in town. If you’re heading into the scene soon (music week: March 15th – 20th), you should know: How to Skip the SXSW Lines. 

  • sleep with a celebrity 

  • pay $895 for the music badge or just go for the platinum badge for $1,745 

  • run like bloody hell past the security guards*

  • be Beyonce

  • drink, a lot, and it won’t feel like you’re in line as long, maybe

*This likely won’t work, I actually don’t even recommend it.

If for whatever reason you can’t follow this list, then you should know there are lines and they come out in full force during Music Week. Don’t be too anxious, they are only natural given the size of the event.  If you play it smart though, you won’t have to wait as long (show up early), and if you don’t HAVE to see the headliners, you won’t stand around nearly as much. The general admission wristband certainly helps speed things up but you don’t NEED it to go to shows. My friend and I didn’t buy one last year and we were easily able to take full advantage of the entire week. That being said, without the wristband, you have to figure things out on your own and get creative. In order to get access into Fader Fort, I had to go a week prior to pick up the unique Fader Fort-specific wristband. Even with that, we waited nearly 5 hours (in a torrential  downpour) for the “Surprise Guest” who was rumored to be Kanye and ended up being T-Pain and Big Sean. 5 hours! Click here to see a video of their show.

SXSW may feel overwhelming if you are a first timer. If you go with the flow, are flexible, open to new music, and don’t have high hopes of seeing any one set band, you will definitely enjoy the experience! And ya, you will likely have to wait in a line here or there…but it will be worth it 🙂




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