“Behind every clever girl is a guy with a beard.”

Beards are sexy! I encourage all men to grow a full one. When I moved to Austin I was told there would be beards everywhere.  I didn’t see them right away and wondered where they were hiding and which types were where. In today’s post, I am sharing the Best Bars to Find Hot Bearded Men in Austin. As you know, there are a variety of beards and personalities that go with them, so naturally there are different spots to find them. This post goes out to anyone that likes a good ol’ beard, is looking to mingle with some, and is bored of lumbermatch.com.

The Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard2Hipster Beard4

An easy to spot beard, typically a little longer in length, maybe with a slightly sexy twist (e.g., braid, shaved design, shaped, pointed, mustache curled, gel at the ends). You can spot these where the majority of hipsters reside, on the east side:

  • Weather Up – Where Classy Hipsters hang and drink cocktails
  • Whisler’sGroups of hipster beards sip whiskey and enjoy dinner at the Thai Kun food truck (mmmm)
  • Yellow Jacket Social Club – Dog owners & conversationalists
  • Hotel Vegas – Drunk & dancing fools in the front, lounging hipsters in the back
  • The Liberty – The foodie lover enjoying East Side Kings

Note: Other than east side bars, you can find many hipster beards on their bikes around town, at local microbreweries and at the many BBQ joints.

The preppy beard

A clean, conventional, and manicured beard. Light stubble & no strays fits in this category too. It’s Preppy Beard2Preppy Beard use this oneneatly trimmed, not scraggly and somewhat styled to look distinguished. This is the type of guy who likes having facial hair but doesn’t want to fully commit to a long beard. You can find these mainly in these areas:

  • West 6th Street: Often referred to as a Yuppy neighborhood, here you will find the Preppy College beard. My top 3 favorite spots around this neck of woods are: Little Woodrow’s, Concrete Cowboy, and The Dogwood. Note West 6th is not the same as Dirty 6th (where college kids party) or East 6th (where the Hipster Beards are).
  • Rainey Street: On Rainey, you will see an assortment of beards from all over, because tourists find their way to this street filled with historic homes turned to lively restaurants and bars! Known for it’s unique character, Rainey has a solid selection of beards that one of my friends labels as a “West 6th meets east side” combo beard. In my mind, the beards I’ve seen around this area can be categorized best as Preppy. My top 3: Clive, Lucille, and Bungalow.

the cowboy beard

Country Beard3

Rockin’ the full beard, cowboys have long and typically disheveled hair that shows growth in all areas around the face and neck (chin, sideburns, cheeks). Country beards can be found in of course none other than country bars! Since I’m not the biggest fan of country music, I didn’t stumble upon this crowd often but I know they can easily be found scattered around Austin at various live country music joints, such as:

  1. The White Horse –  Learn how to two step with your favorite Country Beard at this classic country dance hall. Grab your partner round and round as you jam to some live music here.
  2. Rattle Inn – Located on West 6th (yea, same area as the Preps), you can find a few chillin’ on the main dance floor or by the bar waiting to dance.
  3. Rebel’s Honky Tonk – Wherever there’s a mechanical bull, there’s a Country Beard lurking.

There are a large range of beards out there, but of course I’m generalizing Austin’s most popular beards for the sake of organization. For more info, check out: http://austinfacialhairclub.com. Also, stay tuned for more on a beard analysis in Denver, where I’m told lumbersexuals are plentiful 🙂