Portugal quickly became one of my favorite countries! It isn’t hard to see why when viewing this gallery, but let me explain.  Portugal made it very easy to explore as a solo female and I attribute that to the fact that Portuguese people are soooo friendly. They say Olá, they smile and it’s clear they love life! When people ask me what are my favorite places I’ve ever been, I often attribute it to the people and experiences I have with the locals. On my flight in from Paris, I sat next to a young Portuguese man who was nice enough to teach me key Portuguese phrases! Without even having to ask, he also gave me suggestions on where to eat, what to see and how to make the most of my trip there. They live in one of the most gorgeous countries and it was clear to me they are happy to welcome you! The secret has been let out though, every city I visited was crawling with European tourists, perhaps given the time of year I went (September). Even though tourists were just about everywhere, I was still able to make the most of my trip and enjoyed some amazing weather.

Whilst there, I explored Lisbon, Sintra, Porto and Aveiro (the Venice of Portugal) and can’t wait to go back one day to see even more (looking at you, Lagos)! I was blown away by these hot spots that cover just about everything. If you visit Portugal, you will find yourself exploring palaces, castles, and fortresses made up of very detailed architecture and filled with colorful azulejos (see photo). You can also find yourself on the beach soaking in the rays or hitting the waves with some of the worlds best surfers. The cities are all walkable and really cool to explore, unique in architecture and design.

Beyond the sites to see, you will find yourself in heaven with just about every meal. The food is both delicious and cheap! Since I’m a long term traveler, sticking to a budget is always top of mind. Thankfully, Portugal is a vacation Suze Orman would totally approve of! With unbeatable prices, you can find fresh codfish (bacalhau) cooked in just about anyway you can think of and sardines are also very common. I can’t forget about the bakeries! I enjoyed some of the most delicious pastries including the “pastel de nata” – a Portuguese egg tart. You won’t go hungry while in Portugal.

Before and after eating you can enjoy *breathtaking* lookout points in every major city and even small town (you can go up a funicular, take a cable car, hike up a castle, or go to a rooftop bar, it doesn’t matter how ~ there are vista points galore).  Taking an epic photo isn’t hard to do here, every which way you look is pretty. I loved every second of Portugal and will definitely be going back one day. If you enjoyed the picture gallery, be sure to swing by my Instagram profile for more of the same!