Walking through Bordeaux, life is so “rosé”! Did you know many of the earliest red wines from the Bordeaux region were “rosé-style” wines back in the day? Because wine is cheaper than water in France, my sister and I made sure to take advantage! Don’t let the red, red wine go to your head though – getting tipsy isn’t the only thing to do in Bordeaux…

Miroir d’eau

I felt nearly supernatural walking on the shimmering reflecting pool called the Miroir d’eau built in 2006. Known as the world’s largest reflective pool, my sister and I enjoyed an entire afternoon splashing about! It stands directly across from the Place de la Bourse, one of Bordeaux’s most recognizable sights.

Rue Sainte-Catherine

While there are songs written about Les Champs Elysees, walking down rue Sainte-Catherine is equally as remarkable, if not more so, as it is the longest pedestrian street in all of Europe. Filled with shops, restaurants and good vibes, this is certainly a street you will want to take a stroll or two down.

La Cite du Vin

A visit to La Cite du Vin comes complete with wine tastings, views of the river, and information on the history of wine in Bordeaux and throughout France. The museum has interactive videos and fun games to keep you engaged! It is easily accessible via public transit with 10 floors to explore and a panoramic restaurant.

Bordeaux River Cruise

Bordeaux is situated on the river Garonne and via the Bordeaux River Cruise company you can enjoy an amazing meal with wine. I definitely recommend enjoying some time on the river as you can go during sunset and look out onto views of Bordeaux.


There’s more — all of this can be discovered with convenience through Bordeaux Tourisme & Congres and taking advantage of the City Passes. If you ever make it to Bordeaux, you’ll surely have a grape day! *

*Don’t judge me — silly puns are courtesy of the blissful buzz of red, red wine 🙂
Have you been to Bordeaux? What are your recommendations to other travelers? Feel free to share in comments.