After countless trips with friends, family, colleagues, and strangers I’ve met on the road, I have determined the Top 5 Best People to Travel With. The Ideal Travel Buddy is a unique combination of all the types marked below. In no particular order…

  • The Foodie – They aren’t just taking you to the 5 star most expensive restaurants in town. They know the ins and outs and do research on the front end to know the absolute best spots to dine. They know where locals eat, where hidden spots are, and what restaurants to avoid that are all hype. They are familiar with best of the best lists and could likely tell you where to get the best donuts, spare rib, or even cocktail in town. No need to solely rely on Yelp when The Foodie is with you! If you’re not in a “foodie” area they will still know how to make your mouth water. Love to travel with foodies, I know I will dine well throughout our trip.
  • The Activity Nut – The go, go, go type who wants to check things off their bucket list including tourist attractions and local activities alike. This is most certainly the category I fit into! They do tons of research on the front end to know exactly what to do, where to go and how to best spend your time to fully take advantage of the destination’s offerings. They come prepared with to do lists and options ranging from recommendations from the Travel Channel and TripAdvisor to Buzzfeed and Thrillist, from U.S. News Travel and GroupOn to personal blogs and local suggestions. Typically a wealth of knowledge!
  • The Yogi – Ahhhhh, you NEED this person with you on all trips. They prioritize relaxation and meditation above anything. This is the type who is perfectly content sipping champagne in the afternoon through evening and night in the same location, not stressed to move about but just want to take in each moment as they come. They enjoy a local yoga class over a tourist trap with heaps of crowds. They really help calm a group’s stress when dealing with logistics as they have a relaxing air about them and always comes with a positive attitude (which is so crucial to travel when you don’t know what can come your way)!
  • The Photographer –Instagram wouldn’t be what it is today without amazing photographers capturing gorgeous landscapes, food, families, culture, and action shots and moments. Anyone can take a photo but it takes a special eye to get a good shot. With the right angle, lighting, and post processing skills, The Photographer can do wonders. Always enjoy traveling with someone who knows how to take a good photo, it makes such a difference! People who are really into photography have a really nice camera and often bring it with them EVERYWHERE they go, even on long hikes when you don’t want to!
  • The Wanderer – The one who didn’t do any research and shows up with no expectations. They are spontaneous and can lead you to where you may not have otherwise gone! They wander into streets unknown to the online world to only stumble up on the best shop, eatery, or even park. They like to explore, meet new people, and see what happens. They are open-minded and willing to see where the road less traveled can take them. They don’t see how many stars a spot has on a rating site, they go with their gut and feel it out. Love traveling with these types as they open my mind to new experiences and new people!