Custom Wood Watches By Tree Hut

Tree Hut is a watch company from San Francisco, my favorite city in the world! They create simplistic watches with the option to engrave any message you’d like on the back. The cool thing about Tree Hut watches is that you can customize the design however you want, down to the color of the second hand (blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple and black). Tree Hut watches have leather and wooden bands and various types of wood including ebony, zebra wood, walnut and redwood. Beyond watches, Tree Hut also sells wooden sunglasses. I recently went on a vacation to Guatemala and wore my watch everywhere, even when I went kayaking:

Tree Hut watches are offered in all shapes and sizes, the one seen below has a purple backing (the “purple heart” watch) with a bright blue second hand and is considered large, they also have smaller ones of the same version. They offer watches for under $100 or as mentioned, you can customize your own!

The Purple Heart Tree Hut Watch

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tree Hut Watches. As always, all opinions are my own.

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