Win A 4G Wireless Device from TEP Wireless

I am really excited to be partnering with TEP Wireless again! TEP recently announced a brand new 4G wireless device as well as a new service called Kitestring. To share my excitement, I am hosting a giveaway of the 4G device along with 10 days of internet included. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!? 4G connections are said to be 5x faster than 3G, so this is a really nice upgrade! The device itself is worth $99 USD and the 10 days of included internet is worth almost $90 ($8.95 a day for unlimited internet). You can also connect up to 5 devices (phones, tablets, laptops) and share the love with your friends. Also, each device comes with a global travel adapter that works in over 150 countries!

Having the device proves super handy when traveling abroad, it ensures internet access in over 100 countries worldwide and is reliable. It easily made my “travel essentials” packing list for international travel. I already feel relieved to know I’ll be able to use it on my next few adventures to Canada, Guatemala and Japan 🙂 I highly recommend renting or purchasing one of these devices for international travel so you don’t have to strictly rely on finding WiFi. If you’re going solo, it is a lifesaver. If you’re traveling with others, you can save on costs by using it together.

So, what is Kitestring all about?

TEP recently announced a new service named Kitestring which is currently free for anyone renting or purchasing a device. Kitestring is a personal safety service that will automatically notify your emergency contact (friend, lover, Mom, roommate, etc.) if you’re unable to. Therefore, if you’re going out at night alone, and you’re worried about your surroundings, you could set up an alert in Kitestring to check in with you and make sure you’re safe. It all functions off of SMS (text messaging) so is really easy to set up right away.

How To Enter:

The TEP winner will be announced on Thursday, August 24th. Best of luck!


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