From Here To Sudio Sweden: Regent Wireless Headphones

Sudio Sweden does it again. I’m flashing back to the 80’s on this post! Have you ever heard the song “Sussudio” by Phil Collins? It’s where the company Sudio Sweden¬†got its name from, the name “Sudio” being an homage to this Phil Collins song! Sudio Sweden, a company that sells premium earphones from Stockholm, recently sent me their new Regent Wireless Headphones to review. I’ve partnered with Sudio previously and loved their earbuds so much, I was excited to test their headphones too. For this order, I received the “Regent” in white, and they also come in black.

Sudio Sweden PackagingWhen they arrived, I was so excited to try them! They are packaged already in position to be readily portable, as you can see in this picture. Perfect for anyone always on the go, like me! Lightweight and foldable, the Regent headphones have the same high quality sound I knew I could rely on being a Sudio product. The compact minimalist design are perfect for travelers who love to jam to music and listen to podcasts while journeying around.

I have to say, if you haven’t tried high quality headphones like these, they will change your world. I highly recommend trying these out! As an anxious person, listening to music relieves stress and puts me in a positive mood. Having reliable and quality headphones makes my jam sessions that much better. Since these are also WIRELESS, I can even dance about and not worry about any cords getting in the way of my jam sessions ūüôā Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that they look good too.


Visit Su-su-sudioooo (Sudio Sweden) for details and use my discount code: fromheretosunday for 15% off your own pair!

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