A Delicious Taco Tour in Puerto Vallarta

Going on a taco tour in Mexico is something you should consider adding to your foodie bucket list! One of the best parts about living in Mexico so far for me has been the tacos. Recently, my sister and I went on a taco tour in Puerto Vallarta with Vallarta Eats Food Tours. They offer numerous foodie tours with knowledgeable guides. We went on the Signature Taco Tour and had Daniella as our guide (who is awesome by the way). This is a walking tour through the Old Town area which makes several stops to popular Taco Stands.

This particular taco tour is MMM, MMM GOOD!  We stuffed our faces with birria beef tacos, pork tacos, fish tacos, ceviche tostados AND quesadillas. In our group, it seemed like the favorite taco stands were the pork tacos at Carnitas (Aguacate & Venustiano Carranza) and fish tacos at Marisma’s (Naranjo & Venustiano Carranza). We also enjoyed El Moreno which sells quesadillas with adobada pork, beans, onion, guacamole, salsa, lime, and salt (Francisco Madero & Constitución). My sister loved it so much she went back the following day! I loved trying Birria Ricky too (Aquiles Serdán & Insurgentes).

Between all of these MUST EAT tacos, we also had an opportunity to stop by a Flour Tortillera and Corn Tortilleraboth making fresh tortillas! We visited a few local markets with fresh fruits and veggies and also visited a Bakery & Butcher called Carnicería Colin (Venustiano Carranza between Aguacate & Jacarandas) and sampled a delicious fresh ceviche tostado at El Cólera (Lázaro Cárdenas between Naranjo & Camichin).

After we literally stuffed our faces with tacos, we ere told that we were going to end the tour with treats. We looked at Daniella like she was crazy, as if we had any room left in our stomachs! Somehow though, we all managed to make room and enjoyed some ice cream and sorbet at La Michoacana (corner of Francisco Madero and Constitución). We also visited a candy shop called Azteca (A. Rodriguez and Matamoros). Delicious and worth the extra calories!

Overall, we had a wonderful time with Vallarta Eats! We walked away with happy stomachs and a better understanding of the local taco scene in Old Town. I’ve already been re-visiting the same locations ever since to feed my hunger and love for tacos! Daniella was a friendly guide and filled us in on fun facts regarding the history of the types of tacos, tortillas and local flavor. We learned a lot on this tour and I’d definitely recommend it to those looking to learn more about Mexican Cuisine from a local. Check out Vallarta Eats Food Tours for more information on their tours. They offer a Mexican Beer Experience, a Mole Tour, a night taco tour, and more. If you book, you can use my unique discount code for 10% off: FHTS. See below for more photos from our tour! And…now I’m hungry again 🙂

The Signature Taco Tour Photo Gallery

Disclaimer: Vallarta Eats sponsored my tour. As always, all opinions are my own.


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