Top 5 Coffee Shops For Digital Nomads in Old Town, Puerto Vallarta

Looking for a coffee shop with a strong WiFi connection in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? I lived in Puerto Vallarta for nearly 4 months and spent my time working remotely across these coffee shops that quickly became favorites. All of these are situated in the Old Town neighborhood, known as La Zona Romantica. If you’re ever in PV and need a coffee shop to catch up on work, connect to WiFi, read a book, or just relax, check these out. Also, not all of them have a website but they all have a Facebook account.

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Old Town, Puerto Vallarta With Strong WiFi

  1. A Page in the Sun – This is the one I frequented probably the MOST. It’s massive, there are always people around, and they have the best Oreo Frappuccino. The WiFi is pretty consistent here and they also serve food. I used to order chips and guacamole or appetizers and they were never a disappointment.
  2. Mi Cafe Coffee Shop – Order the French Toast. Enough said. OK just kidding, this is a blog after all 🙂 I really enjoy Mi Cafe because it is situated just far enough away from the typical tourist streets that you get a good mix of expats and locals enjoying brunch. The furnishings are boho and comfortable.
  3. Barra Light Vallarta – I went here OFTEN for lunch because they have the best salads ever and the owner is beyond nice. Her name is Adriana and she always says hello. This isn’t technically a coffee shop but a perfect place to set up to work from while enjoying a nice salad for lunch.
  4. Aroma – Aroma has a nice outdoor patio and if you need to cool down, they also have a indoor area with AC and comfortable couches. I used to set up ALL day here, even during high tourist season I would be in there by myself.
  5. El Sofa Café  – A coffee shop and art gallery in one! I discovered this shop only towards the end of my stay in PV, I enjoyed the laid back vibes here and art on the walls.

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