From Here To Shop Positive Elements: Stylish & Practical Tote Bags

My new Simple Tote Bag in Tan by Shop Positive Elements is perfect for a weekend getaway! This style comes in an array of colors from Navy to Red to Teal and more. I got the light tan shade and feel like I can wear it all summer long. The leather is so incredibly soft and the bag is super roomy. It has one magnetic button to hold it together and there’s a ton of space. Also, there’s even a smaller leather bag to store wallet like items as well as a main zipper pocket for essentials. Since I got it I’ve been using it as a laptop bag and even just took it with me to Los Angeles for a weekend trip. It easily became a everyday bag for me and I adore the fact that it is both stylish and practical!

I love the variety that Positive Elements offers as well, they have everything from tote bags seen here to cross body bags and clutches with fringes and an array of colors to choose from. They have free shipping and even offer monogramming as well! One particular facet of their story I admired was that they aim to help locally. This family friendly company in Mexico actually pays 5 times above the minimum wage. Having recently lived in Mexico for winter and knowing that the Mexican Peso is at an all time low, this company is doing everything they can to help (when I was there $1 USD = 20 pesos). All of their products are made of high quality leather and produced locally.

For 10% discount off all purchases, use the code “MONICA10” and shop here!

Shop Positive Elements Tote Bag

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