Dinner And A Show With Medieval Times

Recently, I discovered Medieval Times, located just north of Chicago in Schaumburg, IL. They are also actually located in 8 other cities in the US. My friends and I went for my sister’s birthday and had so much fun stepping back in time for the night. This experience made for a really fun birthday party for children AND adults. We conveniently timed our visit right before the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale. I think any GOT fan would love the show as much as we did, especially the sword fighting, dancing horses, and ahhhh wait! I’m getting ahead of myself! Let me first tell you what Medieval Times is all about.

The Medieval Times Experience

The Castle is hard to miss, we saw it right away as we pulled off the highway…

When my friends and I arrived, we each got a crown and flag to wave around for the night. The flag represented the team we were rooting for, we were on the Red Team

We secured FRONT ROW seats. I highly recommend reserving at least the first or second rows so you’re in the action, it really made a difference! The show started right away…

We were first introduced to each of the characters (the Knights) and royalty (the King and Princess). Based on where your seats are, you root for that associated team for the remainder of the night.

Cheers filled the room throughout the evening while each of the Knights of the Realm fought on. Playful fighting and a story line with a King and his daughter kept the intrigue and interest going through the night. It was entertaining to say the least.

While the show was going on, we were served dinner which consisted of “dragon’s blood” (soup) and “baby dragon” (chicken)! Both were delicious and were served alongside corn on the cob and desserts to follow, all of which you eat with your hands.

Overall, we had a great time and I would definitely recommend this experience to others! Especially if you have a party to celebrate as a group. At the end of the night, we stuck around the Castle and visited one of the horses after the show wrapped. It looks like they take really good care of the horses.

If you live nearby a Medieval Times Tournament Castle, or if you’ll be in the area of one of them, check them out! It’s a family friendly event and honestly a great time, I would totally go again 🙂


Please note I was welcomed as a guest by Medieval Times. As always, all opinions are my own.


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