Hotel Review: OZO Wesley, Hong Kong

Recently, I stayed at the OZO Wesley, Hong Kong in Wan Chai, one of my favorite areas in the city. With a great location, this mid scale property had a lot to offer. In fact, it is part of a larger chain of OZO Hotels with locations in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong. According to their About section on their site, they are “aimed at creating some buzz and zest downstairs – and peace and quiet upstairs.” My friend Jen and I stayed here for a few nights and found this to be true. Find my review on this hotel below, including photos.

OZO Wesley, Hong Kong Room

The room was quaint, comfortable, and had everything we needed to make for a great stay! We had wonderful views from our room and a cute seating area to look at all the buildings surrounding us. Our beds were comfortable and we each had outlets next to us to be able to charge our phones (it’s the small things that really go a long way when you’re traveling).

Hong Kong is known for having very small spaces given there are so many buildings crammed on top of one another. That said, we had enough room to lay out our suitcases and belongings without feeling like we were in each other’s way. It was the perfect sized room.

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OZO Wesley, Hong Kong Hotel Features

Below were the highlights of our stay and some of the special features this hotel has to offer:

  • Airport Express Drop Off – The Hong Kong International Airport offers an Airport Express via the MTR. When you arrive at the airport, you can take it to Hong Kong station and then get on a free shuttle to the Empire Hotel Hong Kong · Wan Chai, which is right around the corner from OZO Wesley, making it super convenient to get here.
  • An interactive orientation screen – The lobby has an area with two interactive screens with helpful guides on pretty much everything you’d want to know about Hong Kong – where to eat, where to play, what to see! Jen and I were still orienting ourselves to the city when we arrived and liked having this available in the hotel.
  • Daily Breakfasts – A breakfast buffet comes complete with Asian and Western style cuisines.
  • Views of the city from the room – You really can’t beat the views in Wan Chai, it’s part of a business and shopping district where you can people-watch pretty much all day.

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Overall, we enjoyed our stay, and I would be keen to check out the other OZO Hotel properties in Sri Lanka and Thailand. If you have any questions regarding the property (location, room, vibes), feel free to comment 🙂

Please note this experience was  sponsored by OZO Wesley, Hong Kong. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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