How To Spend 24 Hours In Flores, Guatemala

In order to visit Tikal National Park, which is a MUST visit in Guatemala, you will likely spend some time in Flores. Flores is a small island on Lake Petén Itzá and is worth a visit at least for one night, maybe two. My friend and I flew from Guatemala City to Flores for roughly $200 USD round trip with TAG Airlines (carry on suitcases are included in the price = score). You can also take a bus ride, it’s just a bit long if you’re coming from the City and if you’re prone to motion sickness, you may consider paying for the flight! While it’s a bit far from Antigua, it is TOTALLY WORTH THE TRIP just to be able to see Tikal. Also, I have heard it’s less of a hassle to get here if you’re exploring Belize and crossing the border in. No matter how you arrive, you’ll likely end up with at least one full day in Flores. So here’s my advice on where to stay and what to do in order to make the most of your time on this tiny island.

Where To Stay: Hotel Isla de Flores

Regarding where to stay, one of the nicer hotels on the island, Hotel Isla de Flores, was the perfect getaway. We spent one night here and enjoyed the attached restaurant as well as the rooftop pool area. The rooms are simple and comfortable with a nice view of Flores. The rooftop has a pool, lounge chairs, and a bar area to enjoy some drinks. The island itself is pretty small, so the location is next to everything you would ever need to get to 🙂

Isla de Flores Hotel Front
Isla de Flores Hotel Roof
Rooftop Lounging
Rooftop Pool

What To Do

  • Walk the island – It takes about 30 minutes to walk the whole of the island, 15 if you’re fast. You can certainly fill your time at cafes and bars (see next section) and there are also plenty of shops to visit as well, some are boutique and others cheap goods.
  • Visit Jorge’s Rope Swing – For 25Q you can hop on a boat one way to Jorge’s rope swing and spend a sunny afternoon with some Gallos and a fun area to swing into the lake for a swim. This family was so smart to create this area to hang out, they charge 10Q to enter and also offer drinks and food to sit back and relax at their home.
  • Rent a Canoe/Kayak – Rent your own boat and cruise the lake at your own speed.
  • Relax – There’s not TOO much to do here, so plan to just chill.
    A Flower in Flores 🙂
    The Canoe Ride to Jorge’s Rope Swing
    Jorge’s Rope Swing & Jump Board

Where To Eat & Drink

  • Maple & Tocino – Bright cafe along the lake, great breakfast spot or afternoon coffee
  • Raices on the Embarcadero – Nice spot for lunch or dinner
  • Los Amigos Hostel – Probably the coolest hostel here, has drink deals and fun spots to chill
  • Sky Bar – Good place for a drink, for some reason Google Maps has the location wrong so just ask a local where it is (it’s next door to La Villa Del Chef)
  • Restaurants on Calle Sur – There’s a stretch of bars and restaurants on this street and there’s one with really cheap and delicious tacos. I wish I knew the name but walk around and see who has the taco deals, and go there!!! 🙂
    Maple & Tocino Brunch Spot
    A colorful & lush cafe in Flores
View from another cute cafe

Please note I was welcomed as a guest by Hotel Isla de Flores. As always, all opinions are my own.

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