CHAYA Bed and Breakfast Boutique in Mexico City

When I first landed in Mexico City, I stayed at the CHAYA Bed & Breakfast Boutique in the Centro district. This super adorable bed and breakfast won my heart in a few short hours. Find my complete review below including photos of my stay.

CHAYA B&B Location

One of the highlights of staying here was the prime location. It is within walking distance to shops, restaurants, bars, and sights to see including Bellas Artes, Torre Latinoamericana (picture below), Casa de los Azulejos, and the Zócalo (the city’s main square). CHAYA is inside the Barrio Alameda building, a renovated 1920’s building with restaurants, a yoga studio, an ice cream shop and tattoo shop. They are also near a subway station, though Uber is convenient in the city so I ended up using that anytime I left the neighborhood to explore.

A view of Bellas Artes from Torre Latinoamericana Photo courtesy of @brooklyntropical


The vibes here are super laid back and friendly. For breakfast, you sit at a communal table to get to know other travelers and friendly staff. This was exciting to me since I was solo traveling and I love meeting new people! The dining and living room area has windows overlooking the park and flows outside to the rooftop terrace with a pretty collection of organic orchard rows. The outdoor area comes complete with hammocks, giving it that chill feel.

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Overall, I had a wonderful stay at CHAYA B&B and would definitely recommend staying here based on the location, friendly vibes and delicious breakfasts.

Please note this experience was sponsored by CHAYA. As always, all opinions are my own. 

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  • What an adorable B&B! Do you feel like it had a typical B&B feel because it looks almost like a quirky hostel?! Loving the blog, brand new follower here!!! 🙂 xxx

    • It is so cute and thanks so much! The staff are super welcoming and friendly, which I think fits into being a B&B 🙂

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