Best Ways To Leverage Technology To Learn A New Language

While technology continues to change language learning, there are certain ways that prove to help people learn more than others. One quote is true from this article, that “The best way to learn a language still remains going to that country and being fully immersed. We want to provide the second best way.” I think something this article fails to mention is that while going to that country and fully immersing yourself may be the best way, the second best isn’t necessarily an app. I also firmly agree with this article’s perspective on having real human connections and interactions in order to learn. If there’s anything I’ve learned from trying to learn Spanish, it’s that the more I practice and learn from fluent speakers, the better I am.

Language learning technologies beyond apps

Recently, I discovered italki, a platform that connects students with fluent speakers for 1:1 video sessions that are personalized and tailored towards student goals and interests. I’ve been writing about italki for the last few months, covering all of the benefits and how to use it. I wanted to also talk about the benefit of this tool based on what phase you’re in learning and how it compares to apps.

Why apps are great as a supplemental tool

I firmly believe that in order to learn a new language, especially as an adult, you need to invest time and money. Downloading a free app to play with every now and then could be great for learning basics, but not necessarily a step towards fluency.  I think that if you’re looking to have these apps in addition to immersion or practicing it could be a supplemental way to learn, especially grammar and vocabulary. Nuances in language exist in every dialect and learning those from native speakers is the best way.

Take a multi faceted approach to learning

While one method may work best for you over others, try to remain consistent with your approach. This will help you stay motivated and make progress towards your language learning goals. I recommend practicing whenever you can, investing in a tool like italki that gives you personalized 1:1 experiences with native learners, and downloading any apps that work for you as supplemental lessons. If you’re interested in italki, I have a discount code for you below, along with more articles on how it works.

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by italki HK Limited. All opinions are my own.

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