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Recently, I discovered amical, an amazing French restaurant in downtown Traverse City. The word “amical” is French for “friendly” and this restaurant certainly lives up to its name with friendly staff!  They have been open for over 20 years serving up delicious European cuisine. My family and I went to check it out and we all walked away agreeing it was a truly delicious dining experience. I’d like to highlight this as a must visit restaurant in downtown if you’re ever visiting the Cherry Capital!

Ambiance & Dinner at amical

The general vibe at amical is trendy, casual and cozy. Located right in the heart of Front Street, they are open for Sunday brunch, lunch and dinner. You’ll feel immediately welcomed when you walk in and right at home. In summer, you may want to consider making a reservation especially on weekends and for Sunday brunch. For dinner, we enjoyed the below dishes and we highly recommend all of these:

French Onion Soups & Salad – As a starter, we enjoyed some soups and salad and the presented flavors were a great introduction to the following entrees.

Wild Mushroom Risotto – Complete with arborio rice, red wine, mascarpone cheese, fresh herbs, toasted almonds, and Fustini’s truffle oil.  This was such a treat! They offer this as a side dish as well but I couldn’t help myself but order it as my main. I’ve always enjoyed risotto and amical knows how to do it with the right amount of truffle oil.

Roasted Chicken – Their classic dish, if you don’t get here early enough they actually sell out of the roasted chicken first of any item on their menu!  This dish includes one half bird, herbs de Provence, dijon cream, buttermilk mashed potatoes, and French green beans. My Mom ordered this as her main and noted specifically how tasty the sauce is! 
Fresh Atlantic Salmon – Finally, my Dad ordered the fresh salmon. It is arguably my favorite in the presentation category, look how pretty it is! It is made with fresh horseradish crust, roasted red pepper vinaigrette, herbed farro, and French green beans. The portion is a decent size and is delicious!

Dessert at amical

Last but not least! The desserts at amical are a MUST TRY. We died and went to heaven with both of these dishes and they had SO MANY MORE baked goods to choose from. As chocolate lovers for life, my family and I went for these two and they did not disappoint. Definitely do your best to save room for the dessert menu!

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